Vietnam to inspect TikTok for Harmful Content

HANOI: Over the emergence of violating content, tax evasion news, and the breach of commercial policies on TikTok in Vietnam, the Vietnamese government decided to carry out a comprehensive investigation country-wide starting in May. It is to ensure taking every allegation into close consideration and enable compliance with the regulations against all violations.

TikTok is a popular video-creation and sharing platform owned by a Chinese firm that allows the users to make bite-sized videos. It has recently been registered into the Vietnamese government’s consideration regarding the presence of superstitious, false, offensive, and toxic content on the platform, as disclosed by the representative of the ministry, Le Quang Tu Do, this week in a statement.

Le Quang Tu statement

Le Quang Tu Do added in his statement, “YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok, like many other social media platforms, are all cross-border in nature with the standards of the international system. Although, in order to operate in the Vietnamese market, the platform must abide by the local tax and content obligations”.

According to the company’s claims last February, it was informed by the Electronic Information and Authority of Broadcasting regarding a visit by the government delegation to its Vietnamese office in the later quarter of the year.

According to a statement issued by Vietnamese TikTok in an email, “this investigation is in line with an interdisciplinary probe to uphold the Vietnam law as planned by the country’s government for not only the TikTok office in Vietnam but all international companies operating in the country.”

As per the country’s government’s request, the platform was made to take down about 1.7 million videos during the last year alone, as recorded from the company’s data, as they were alleged to breach the country’s local state policies.

According to the company’s statement to Reuters, the company’s Vietnamese office also revealed its upgradation of guidelines expected to be put into effect from the 24th of April that would set the foundation of increased transparency of rules and a more detailed plan on how the rules will be enforced.

According to the statistics, the app has around 50 million active 18-year-old and above-aged users in the country, as revealed by the government in a statement with the help of data citations from the DataReportal research company.

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