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With a proven track record of success, over 1500+ completed projects, and 600 satisfied clients, we know what it takes to drive growth and increase user loyalty. Our extensive experience in digital marketing and web design gives us the expertise to create stunning experiences that boost sales and promote your business like never before. At Kore Digital, we believe that design and technology should work hand-in-hand, so we simplify the digital journey for businesses by providing services that are cost-effective, user-friendly, and most importantly, results-driven
Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media)
Creative Services (Graphic Design, Video Production)
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Anita Zelovska

IT Manger

Daniel Abraham

Cloud Specialist

Takashi Jiro

Malware Expert

Our Experts

Inspired to be more than just a run-of-the-mill IT services organization, our leaders encouraged us to approach each project with care and dedication. Our team is made up of tech enthusiasts who love staying ahead of the curve, constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to enhance your products and deliver the best results.

Who We Are

Our Expertise

We know that time is of the essence, which is why we’re dedicated to delivering what we promise, when we promise it. Our talented designers and developers are experts at bridging the gap between your vision and reality and use a simple and straightforward approach to turn your ideas into a functional, user-friendly, secure, and reliable digital solution.

The Recipe for Success
Strong Leadership and Team Synergy

Our Mission

By focusing on even the smallest details and prioritizing service excellence, we strive to create a lifetime value for them. But it’s not just about delivering top-notch solutions, we also believe in creating a positive and supportive workplace culture. By putting our employees first, we’re able to work together more effectively and efficiently to achieve our collective goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the number one choice and ideal supplier, by becoming a leading and competent IT company that incorporates a high market share and delivers optimized values to clients.

Why you will love Us

The reasons why Kore is the best

Market-leading Salary

Competitive compensation packages that are designed to ensure that our employees are well-compensated for their efforts.

Employee Performance bonuses

Generous bonuses for hardworking employees who consistently go above and beyond are rewarded for their efforts.

Conveyance Allowance

Conveyance allowance for all eligible employees, which helps cover the cost of transportation to and from work.

Friendly work environment

Friendly and supportive work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Leave Encashment

Whether it's for a family vacation or a personal emergency, our employees can rest assured that their leave will be respected and compensated.

Professional Development Budget

Budget for training and education for our team members to stay current with the latest industry trends and skills that will help them grow in their careers.

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