Huawei Pakistan and COMSTECH Establish Strategic Collaboration to Drive Progress in Cybersecurity and AI Technologies

The OIC Ministerial Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation, along with Huawei Technologies Pakistan, has signed an agreement to enhance national awareness about cybersecurity and strengthen the cybersecurity capabilities of member states in the OIC.

In a time when various industries are swiftly adopting digital solutions, cybersecurity becomes a crucial factor in ensuring continuous, stable, and growing economies. Its importance extends to all sectors, especially government, financial services, and healthcare.

The partnership between COMSTECH and Huawei aims to enhance the cybersecurity skills of OIC nations, focusing on areas like security management, responding to security incidents, managing vulnerabilities, and staying updated on emerging security technologies and requirements.

Huawei, known globally for its digital transformation, networking, and communication technologies, recognizes the vital role of the digital economy in promoting economic growth and sustainable development. With a commitment to advancing science and technology, Huawei collaborates closely with governments and communities to provide secure ICT technology across various industries.

Established after the Third Islamic Summit of OIC in 1981 in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, COMSTECH’s primary goal is to promote cooperation among OIC Member States in science and technology. It aims to strengthen capabilities through training in emerging areas, implementing OIC resolutions, and creating programs to enhance scientific capabilities for socio-economic development and rapid industrialization.

Ethan Sun, CEO of Huawei Pakistan, highlighted, “This Memorandum of Understanding sets the foundation for OIC member states to improve cybersecurity awareness through knowledge sharing and specialized training courses for government entities. Huawei is well-positioned to share global best practices and successful methodologies.”

According to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Huawei and COMSTECH will work together to provide cybersecurity training based on Huawei’s practices and experiences. This collaboration aims to improve cybersecurity awareness and build the capacity of selected OIC government employees. The agreement also includes participation in important regional cybersecurity events such as GISEC and GITEX.

As a global ICT leader, Huawei operates the first Huawei Global Cybersecurity Transparent Centre, facilitating stakeholder communication and innovation. COMSTECH members will interact with the Centre through the MoU, creating an environment that supports the digital economy.

COMSTECH and Huawei plan to promote cybersecurity innovation by developing knowledge products like white papers and technical guidelines. These efforts will showcase OIC cybersecurity advancements and contribute to industry growth.

Prof Dr M Iqbal Choudhary, Coordinator General of COMSTECH, signed the MoU on behalf of the Ministerial Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the OIC. He highlighted the potential for OIC’s support to extend Huawei’s outreach to universities in Pakistan and to all OIC member countries, including African nations experiencing rapid technological advancements.

This partnership signifies a step toward a future with solid cybersecurity, advanced AI applications, and seamless integration of 5G technologies. It emphasizes the importance of collaborations in shaping technological progress and ensuring a digitally empowered future. Huawei and COMSTECH aim to work together on ICT talent development, providing young people in OIC member countries with training to enhance their skills for the future.

Due to their dedication to fostering ICT talent, Huawei and COMSTECH actively explore programs for young individuals in OIC member nations. This involves tailored training initiatives and chances to interact with state-of-the-art technologies, gearing up the next generation for a technology-dominated future. The partnership envisions a cooperative strategy for talent development, ensuring that OIC countries cultivate a proficient workforce ready to unlock the complete capabilities of cybersecurity and AI technologies in the upcoming years. This commitment to nurturing talent in information and communication technology aims to prepare OIC nations for a digitally advanced and competitive landscape.

This partnership puts OIC nations at the forefront of technological progress. Huawei and COMSTECH share a common vision beyond just cybersecurity; it includes a wide range of changes in the digital world. Together, they plan to help create a solid digital foundation that supports economic growth, new ideas, and long-lasting progress in OIC member countries. This collaboration highlights the importance of working together and sharing knowledge to tackle the various challenges and opportunities the digital era brings.

Moreover, Huawei and COMSTECH’s joint initiatives aim to bridge the digital divide by providing accessible and inclusive opportunities for ICT education. By focusing on diverse talent pools and creating programs that cater to individuals from various backgrounds, the partnership seeks to democratize access to technology education. This approach enhances the overall skills landscape and promotes diversity and inclusion within the tech industry. Through these efforts, Huawei and COMSTECH aspire to empower a broad spectrum of individuals within OIC member countries, ensuring that the benefits of technological advancements are shared equitably across diverse communities.

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