Pakistan Secures Third Place in Global Ranking with42.6% Increase in Software Developers, Reports GitHub

Although GitHub covers just a part of a country’s total software development scene, the figures indicate a growing interest in coding within the region.

GitHub, a big name in software development, recently shared the news on January 18th that Pakistan is now the third country where software developers are growing the fastest. This news shows that more people in different parts of the world are getting into coding, especially in places that weren’t known for technology before.

GitHub is an online place where people who make software can work together. They can help with projects that everyone can use (open-source) or projects just for particular groups (private). Every three months, GitHub looks at how much people are helping and shares what they find to show how software development changes in different countries.

One country that stands out is Bangladesh. Between the months leading up to September 2023, the number of people from Bangladesh working on GitHub went up greatly, from 568,145 to 945,696. This is the most significant increase seen anywhere in the world.

Even though GitHub’s numbers mainly look at open-source projects, which don’t include everything on GitHub, the increase still shows that more people are interested in coding. This is true even for countries that haven’t been big names in tech before.

A report by Rest of World compared the latest data with the same time last year to see which countries are growing the most in software development. Even though countries with a lot of money, like the U.S., India, China, and Brazil, have the most developers, countries like Bangladesh and Nigeria are growing fast, too.

This significant jump in people using GitHub makes us wonder what it means for the tech industry in these countries. Mike Linksvayer, who works at GitHub, says it’s hard to tell exactly what the increase means. However, countries getting noticed by GitHub are becoming more skilled in tech.

For example, in Bangladesh, the economy is improving, meaning more people can use digital tools. This is helping the tech industry grow. There are more software projects in Nigeria because of investments from businesses and the government.

As the world of software development changes, GitHub’s information helps us see how new tech centers are popping up around the globe. This growth is essential because it shows more people are learning digital skills and that the tech world is becoming more open to everyone, no matter where they are.

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