Starlink Satellite Internet Nears Public Availability in Pakistan : Dr. Umar Saif Discusses Breakthroughs in ICT and Economic Growth

In a significant announcement today, Dr. Umar Saif, the Caretaker IT Minister of Pakistan, revealed that negotiations with Starlink have entered the final stages, paving the way for the imminent availability of satellite internet to the public in the country. The disclosure came during a video statement in which he discussed the instrumental role of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) in driving economic growth.

Dr. Umar Saif underscored the pivotal role of the SIFC Forum in formulating Pakistan’s first space policy and obtaining necessary approvals from relevant forums. Emphasizing the importance of decisions made through the SIFC forum in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), he highlighted their direct benefits to the masses and their potential to catalyze digital transformation and foreign direct investment.

The initiatives discussed are poised to contribute significantly to Pakistan’s economy’s rapid development and stability. Dr. Saif expressed confidence in the SIFC’s ability to facilitate timely decision-making, thanks to the inclusive participation of stakeholders, including military and political leadership.

He stressed the need to circumvent departmental obstacles, advocating for swift and effective decisions in the nation’s interest. Dr. Saif positioned the SIFC as a vital and efficient forum for making such decisions, emphasizing its role in avoiding unnecessary delays and ensuring the country’s economic stability.

Addressing a historical spectrum-related issue, Dr. Umar Saif shared that, since 2014, the case of hundreds of MHz of the spectrum with Sun TV had been pending. Through the intervention of the SIFC forum, all legal requirements were met, leading to the Honorable High Court of Sindh conducting daily hearings and delivering a verdict on Thursday. The outcome is the transfer of valuable spectrum worth multi-million dollars, according to current market rates, into government custody.

Dr. Saif further elaborated on the SIFC’s achievements, from establishing the Advisory Committee for spectrum auctions to overcoming departmental hurdles for laying optical fiber cables across the country and effectively implementing the Right of Way Policy. Collectively, these initiatives signify a commitment to streamlined processes, fostering economic growth, and ensuring the nation’s well-being.

As Starlink’s entry into the final stages of negotiation promises a new era of internet connectivity, the collaborative efforts of the SIFC are instrumental in steering Pakistan towards digital innovation and economic prosperity. Stay tuned for further updates as these groundbreaking initiatives unfold.

Looking ahead, these initiatives not only position Pakistan as a destination for technological advancements but also underscore the government’s commitment to creating an environment where innovation flourishes. The collaborative efforts of the SIFC, alongside the advancements in satellite technology, promise not only improved internet connectivity but also set the stage for a broader digital revolution that can positively impact various sectors of the economy.

The ongoing developments highlighted by Dr. Umar Saif demonstrate a proactive approach to technological advancement and economic growth. As the nation eagerly awaits the implementation of these initiatives, the transformative impact on Pakistan’s digital landscape and financial stability becomes increasingly evident. Stay tuned for further updates as Pakistan strides confidently into a promising era of innovation and prosperity.

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